The Complete Instagram Giveaway Rules Guide
The Complete Instagram Giveaway Rules Guide
manufactured in China. In order to ensure the quality of our products and continuously improve customer satisfaction, we will launch giveaway events on Instagram every month. but UCANBE is a US registered brand company
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So that more people who have not been exposed to UCANBE can try for free and give the truest review.
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Usually, giveaway holds at the launch of new products or important festivals. Post with the giveaway will be posted on Instagram and announce what the prizes are and how many guys will win, as well as rules for participation.
How to #WIN
1. Follow @ucanbemakeup (we ’ll be checking!)
2. ❤ this post⁠ ⠀
3. Tag 1 BFF below

Waiting for the lucky
guys to be announced. The lucky guys will be announced in the comments & stories and via DM on the day of the announcement. You can collect this post and set a countdown reminder in the snapshot to get the update
Everyone can participate no matter where you are in any country. The most important is that you need an account that you are actually using so please do not set privacy. Your photos are very beautiful. Follow me, Like and Tag a real friend (I don't want to see you tag someone like Trump)
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The next giveaway time December 3

Come!100 prizes are waiting for you