A colorful eyeshadow palette is an indispensable part of every woman's makeup, and if the pigmentation is good, those headlights don't fall off. 
Ucanbe, a Chinese brand sold in AliExpress, is an excellent brand with variety of products, it has superior quality. Equipped with a cardboard protective device, Ucanbe has high quality and solid packaging. When you unbox the package, the first thing comes to you is the word of belonging, which printed with embossed letters, it has a gorgeous color for the cover.

When you turn the palette upside down, you can see the colors and the contents of the product, each head weighted 1.2 grams, the lid of the tray is magnetized and it is exquisite. A mirror is attached to the lid, big enough and illuminates your beauty, There is a transparent protective film between the palette and the mirror so as to protect the palette from falling. The package color overall tone is black, which makes the palette become more eye-catching. 7 colors per row, 3 rows, a total of 21 colors of the palette.

Matte and metallic are quite beautiful, each color is given a name. I divide the palette into two parts to be seen closely. There are soft and easy to apply, It shows colors immediately.
The top color is the shallowest color.

The colors in the bottom row are the darkest colors in this order.

What colors do you like in Ucanbe Belonging Palette, do you prefer matt or metallic colors?

Repost: Esra